Secret Link Building Strategy Will Boost Your Site to the Top of the  Search Engine Rankings And It Will Stay There

NO BS sales story…

I have what you need

Green, blue and gray buttons are pages on high PR WEB 2.0 Properties like:

MSN Spaces, Quizilla, Live Journal,,,, Linkedln, Bebo, Blogspot, Nexo, Ning, Onsugar, Bravejournal, Gather, Squidoo,, WebProNews,,,,,,,,, SearchWarp

Green Buttons are the backbone. They receive links from everywhere and are interlinked in a way that is virtually undetectable by algorithms. It’s called a Hamiltonian path which is an NP-Complete problem. An NP-Complete problem is a problem that there’s no known exact algorithm to compute it, only approximates can be used. Keep in mind that because of some links going from the green buttons into blue ones, it kinda breaks the perfect Hamiltonian path, but if we weren’t to do that we would be left without further diversification and the benefits that the blue (and gray) buttons give us.

Blue buttons are secondary sites which further strengthen the green network, as well as link to inner pages of our main website.

Gray buttons are fillers that are not linked from anywhere in the network (although they can be). They provide some more strength for the entire network and act as some kind of distraction, since they’re neutral (not linked from anywhere).

Yellow arrows represent the links between the green network.

Blue arrows represent the Hamiltonian path which carefully directs the juice into the upper green button, which should be the strongest site in your network. This website then links to your main website.

Red arrows are links to your main website or pages from your main website.

Pink arrows randomly interlink your entire network.

This formula is from shareaschnitzel blog, with my improvement of

50 social bookmarking sites and 50 RSS feed aggregators that are giving more strength to the network.

How it is different from other services ?

You are getting lower number of backlinks, but
these backlinks have higher value for Search Engines !

Here’s What My Team Will Do For You:

1) Write 2 unique 550-600 words articles

2) Spin each article

3) Make accounts on 24 social sites and submit articles

4) Make manual interlinking like on diagram above

5) Submit these 24 properties to 50 social bookmarking sites and 50 RSS feed aggregators

6) Send report to you

Turn around time – two weeks

Price – $1200 AUD

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