And why is the first page competition so important?

In a recent study by Cornell University, they discovered the following statistics about how many clicks the first 11 results in Google’s search engine that came out for a specific keyword phrase.

Here’s the click breadown (in terms of percentage of all clicks):

Position #1 ——> 56.36% of clicks
Position #2 ——> 13.45% of clicks
Position #3 ——> 9.82% of clicks
Position #4 ——> 4.00% of clicks
Position #5 ——> 4.73% of clicks
Position #6 ——> 3.27% of clicks
Position #7 ——> 0.36% of clicks
Position #8 ——> 2.91% of clicks
Position #9 ——> 1.45% of clicks
Position #10 ——> 2.55% of clicks
Position #11 ——> just under 1% of clicks

And the remaining 0.02% (approximately) of the clicks goes to ALL the remaining results.

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