Social Media Marketing
Increasing friends and followers is good. Increasing the bottom line is even better - we can do both! Our team of social media gurus will get you results that add to your bottom line.

  • Behavioral -Targeting

    Social Media Optimisation allows you to behavioral-target specific consumer groups based on interests, groups, company, schools and more using top social networking sites such as, Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace.

  • Increase In-Bound Links

    Instantly gain exposure and create an influx of relevant inbound links that creates brand awareness and helps increase organic search rankings.

  • Viral Marketing

    Our social media experts can launch viral marketing campaigns using interactive flash games, video clips, advergames and even text messaging to increase brand awareness.

  • Buzz Marketing

    Using sophisticated word-of-mouth campaigns, we will help your business create elite groups that your consumers will want to be a part of and will willingly spread the word and create buzz amongst your target market.


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When it comes to your videos rankings everything comes into play. Video Views, Comments, Ratings, Video Responses, Video Subscriptions, and So On! We offer most of these services to you. You just can’t beat this! Giving your Video a good amount of ratings for example, Youtube will give your Video Honors. When you’re receiving honors you know that you are being seen by a large amount of people. More doors open for exposure.

Channel Views are very important as well. They play hand and hand with video views. Your Channel holds all your videos. Your channel can also be found through youtubes search and all other search engines. To make a long story short, there is linux/python software on youtube’s server that makes the decision where your video/channel will be ranked when users are searching youtube. So that is where our services come into play. The more [channel views, ratings and favorites] you have the better your video will be ranked. It will be move in front of a lot of your competition! For those that are not sure what a Youtube Channel is, if you click on your user name right when you sign into youtube, it will take you to your channel, that is where users can message you, add you as friend, etc.. You will see your channel views to the left as well. Users can view all your videos from within your channel.
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Social media marketing

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