Online Strategy
Effective tailor made strategies, are proven to deliver measurable results focused on your objectives with an increase in website traffic and higher conversions on goals outlined.

More website traffic & higher conversion rates

eMerchant’s unique service integrates a broad range of tools. Our leading edge techniques including search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, split testing, copy writing, web design, and tailor made strategies, are proven to deliver results with an increase in website traffic and higher conversion rates.

Be Found

Quantify the interest your site is generating from first time visitors and maintain repeat traffic

Understand which key words are actually generating orders, trials, downloads, or information requests.

Increase your advertising spend only on key words that improve results.

Discover which search engines people are using to find your site and driving profitability.

Be Engaging

Be compelling and ensure easy navigation of your site.

Highlight problem areas – eg single page visits.

Monitor web site pages – understand who is coming and going to reduce ‘leakage’ from your sales funnel.

Utilize the latest split testing techniques to improve performance

Receive tailor made Key Performance Indicators that focus on consistent improvement and ongoing success.

Be profitable

Profile the probability of your visitors with web site segmentation.

The Result is an effective web site which constantly measures & improves on your results. The secret is to understand your offer, and then to focus on continually improving it. Lack of clear direction is a problem faced by many internet marketers. Without a clear goal, it is impossible to know what to track, let alone plot a course for improvement.

eMerchant helps your direction by developing an effective online strategy, matching your business objectives with those of your online customers.

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