Monday, March 29
Videos and Display Ads, Strong SEO Allies

The ways to drive traffic to your website are varied. As we usually say, you should combine with some social media interaction and some investment in your blog/website.

Another way to get internet surfers’ attraction is to display advertising and/or use video. Although this kind of advertising is usually available to big brands…

Last week, .Fox Networks (pronounced “dot-fox”) and comScore unveiled the findings of U.K. study they made. Conclusion? Combinations of video and display advertising delivered a total of 300 million impressions, just in the U.K. online users’ world.

They unveiled their findings at the Advertising Research Foundation’s 2010 conference in New York. The study evaluated results from four campaigns across the Travel, Finance, Government and Utilities sectors.

The key findings:

Video and display ads both successfully increased brand engagement. The average uplift across all the campaigns was an increase in site visitation by more than a factor of seven over a four week period following exposure to an ad. Consumers were 3 times more likely to conduct search queries using the brand or relevant generic terms in the same time period.

Consumers exposed to video were 28 percent more likely to visit the brand site and nearly twice as likely to conduct a trademark search. This in comparison to display advertising.

Video’s impact was more immediate in the first five exposures. However, those who were exposed to display ads were likely to response positively to the brand in a more steady rythm. The more the ads impressiones rised, the more the users were likely to visit the website.

This was in the U.K.

In the U.S, people watched 32.4 billion videos during January 2010, according to comScore. In addition, they made 15.2 billion core searches that month. This means Americans watched more than twice as many videos as they conducted searches.

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